How to install MeloSpySuite (Ubuntu GNU/Linux)

Simply follow these steps

  1. Download the latest version of the MeloSpySuite (melospy-suite_[X.Y.Z]_all.deb) from here.

  2. Open a terminal and issue following command to install Lilypond:

sudo apt install lilypond
  1. In your terminal go to the directory where you downloaded the MeloSpySuite Debian package and install it by issue following command first replacing ‘X.Y.Z’ with the correct version number:

sudo dpkg -i melospy-suite_X.Y.Z_all.deb
  1. You should now be able to execute following commands in your terminal:

  • melconv

  • melfeature

  • melpat

To list all possible commandline options add --help as an argument to the command, e.g. melconv --help.


The configuration files can be found under /etc/melospy-suite. This directory includes loads of feature definition files inside its feature_definitions subdirectory as well as configuration files for each executable in the corresponding subdirectories:


Installed files

Below you find an incomplete list of directories and files installed:


To get a listing of all installed files and directories simply execute:

dpkg -L melospy-suite

Demo scripts

Demo scripts were included to give a first impression about the possibilites of the MeloSpySuite. In order to run the demo scripts, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a Terminal application.

  2. Change your working directory to the demo directory by executing:

cd /usr/share/melospy-suite/demo
  1. You can now run ./, ./, ./, and ./ to perform some first tasks with the three applications.

If you want also a nifty explanation of these demos, have a look at the melfeature tutorial for the first two demos, tutorials for the other demos will follow soon, in the mean time you might refer to the corresponding documentation of melconv and melpat.