After the feature selection block this one follows:

#   - bars
#   - bars: 1-8 17-32
#   - bars: chunks 8 4
#   - chorus
#   - chorus: 1 2
#   - chords
#   - chords: G7
#   - chords: set
#   - form
#   - form: A1 A2 B3
#   - chunk: 32 16
#   - phrases
#   - phrases: 1 2
#   - ideas

This block defines segmentation to use for feature extraction. Actually, in this example file no segmentation is used, because all elements under the segments block are commented out. The # is the sign for comments in YAML, i.e., everything following a # sign will be ignored by the YAML parser. This is often very handy for quick experimentations and having multiple similar but mutual exclusive options in a configuration file, which can be switched on and off by commenting out and in.

Here all possible segmentation are present, along with some example parameter settings. For a complete explanation see Segmentation. If no parameters are set, melfeature will use every segment of this type, e.g., it will calculate features for every phrase of solo separately. Optional parameters can be used to select special parts of, e.g. chorus: 1 will only calculated featues for first choruses of solos.

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