Interactive Exploration

For better exploration of our data sets, mainly the Weimar Jazz Database and the Parker Omnibook, we developed some Shiny apps that allow interactive visualizations. Since this is an efficient, intuitive and attractive way to “get a feel” for the data and also to generate hypotheses, we plan to expand the list of interactive visualizations in the future. So stay tuned for further updates!

  • Parker Pattern Explorer. Here, all pitch patterns as can be found in the 53 solos of the Parker Omnibook are presented as pseudo-phase plots (or bigram plots), which neatly demonstrates the spiral nature of many of Parker’s patterns. Check also Klaus Frieler’s talk on Parker’s usage of patterns.
  • Pattern History Explorer. Explore 653 common interval patterns with over 11,000 instances and see how they are distributed over the time and players in the Weimar Jazz Database. Includes score and audio snippets of the instances as well as various statistical and content-based descriptors of the patterns.
  • Feature History Explorer. Explore the evolution of a large set of melodic features for 456 jazz solos from 1925 to 2009.